The worst fears of many Texas Tech fans were realized in the third quarter of Thursday's game against the Kansas Jayhawks.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes scrambled on a 2nd down and 6 and made his way into the Jayhawks secondary. It looked like Mahomes, after gaining almost 30 yards, may have had a chance to slide. Instead, he kept running as Jawhawks defenders closed in on him and he was driven down onto the ground, landing hard on his right shoulder.

Mahomes appeared to be in immediate pain and the trainers ran out onto the field.

After being walked off the field, Mahomes was taken to the training table behind the Texas Tech bench. He attempted to throw a pass under observation of the trainers, but couldn't because of the possible pain he was in. At that point, Mahomes was taken to the locker room for additional observation and treatment.


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