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Patrick Mahomes Murders Golf Ball Before Epic Club Flip
I say this all the time, but is there anything Patrick Mahomes can't do? He's the best quarterback in the NFL, he had the opportunity to play college baseball, and now is a minority owner of an MLB team. We've seen him play basketball so well, his Kansas City Chiefs general manager ba…
Patrick Mahomes Is as Fast as He Needs to Be
Patrick Mahomes is an elite NFL quarterback. He's an MVP and Super Bowl champion. He's thrown for a ton of touchdowns everywhere he's been and is incredibly athletic.
He just doesn't look very fast.
People make fun of him for his "old man jog" in between his incre…
The NFL Just Gifted Lubbock Three Incredible Games
Today the NFL announced that there will indeed be a 17th game added to the NFL schedule. The league has played a 16-game season since 1978, but from this point forward the Dallas Cowboys will not go 8-8.
Now that that lame joke is out of the way, the 17th game that's being added to the schedule …
The Chiefs Just Wished Everyone a Happy St. PATRICK’S Day
It's not St. Pat day, just like it's not Pat Mahomes. The Chiefs wanted to remind everyone of Mahomes real name in the best video I've seen in a long long time.
The Chiefs worked up a video of the third-best Patrick behind Mahomes and Stewart answering the phone in the illustrious Krab…

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