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The Rob Breaux Show's Big 12 Preview: Kansas
HC: Les Miles OC: Les Koenning DC: D.J. Eliot
2018 RECORD - 3-9
Most Likely 2019 RECORD - 3-9
The entire city of Lawrence, Kansas is in a buzz because of the Mad Hatter Les Miles. They don’t mind that Miles hasn’t coached in three and a half years…
Kansas Signee Trolls Texas Tech and Half the Big 12
I generally don't care about commitment videos. They are what they are. If you have enough buzz around you and you want to make a spectacle, more power to you. I know a lot of fans had opinions about this video, slamming it and the kid for being self-serving and stupid...
The Kansas Jayhawks' Big 12 Title Streak Will End in 2019
The Red Raiders won their first two Big 12 games on the schedule and are now inside the top ten for the first time this season after stalling out at 10 earlier in the year. The Red Raiders are the second highest rated Big 12 team at number eight trailing only Kansas who fell to number seven after a …
Two Big 12 Teams Make the Bottom 25 and They Aren't Kansas!
CBS Sports takes rankings to a new level every year by spinning polls on their head and putting out a 'Bottom 25' to combat the positive energy of the 'Top 25'. It's a balance that we strive for as humans. Heading into week three the first rankings are out and boy is it exci…

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