Taste Test: Evie Mae’s Named A Top 10 BBQ Joint In Texas
Texas Monthly has come out recently with their 50 Best BBQ Joints in Texas. As a fan of BBQ, I always pay attention to the list and keep in mind some of the new places that show up from time to time. We have great BBQ throughout Texas and it seems like more and more great BBQ spots are popping …
Kansas State vs. Texas Tech: The Battle of the Flailing Fanbases
The Texas Tech Red Raiders are 5-2 and .500 in conference play heading into a late October matchup against Kansas State, and the fanbase seems largely put out with head coach Matt Wells and defensive coordinator Keith Patterson.
What's even odder about the previous sentence is that I totally und…
When Is Daylight Saving Time Ending In 2021?
If you are like me, when you wake up to head to the office in the morning the sky is just a little bit darker each morning, and if you are at the office at about 7 p.m. you've noticed it's not that sunny and bright anymore.
That has to mean we are getting closer to the time change right...

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