Texas Tech

Kansas State vs. Texas Tech: The Battle of the Flailing Fanbases
The Texas Tech Red Raiders are 5-2 and .500 in conference play heading into a late October matchup against Kansas State, and the fanbase seems largely put out with head coach Matt Wells and defensive coordinator Keith Patterson.
What's even odder about the previous sentence is that I totally und…
It's Time for Patrick Mahomes' Family to Chill the Heck Out
Patrick Mahomes has been becoming the face of the NFL over the course of the last few seasons, but there's been a glaring problem festering around him far too long.
His family is really annoying. That's not just my opinion, either. Most NFL fans outside of Kansas City and a segment within K…
Texas Tech Basketball Gets Respect in Preseason Big 12 Poll
The Texas Tech Red Raiders have a first-time Power 5 head coach, only three returners that will be healthy for the opener, only got one Power 5 transfer, and are sitting at 4th in the Big 12 preseason poll. That's some high praise for Mark Adams and the staff's work since the ball got roll…

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