Texas Tech's offense was primed for an epic day on Saturday. The Red Raiders finally got going last week against Oklahoma State and were playing Kansas, who is historically bad on defense. By historically bad, I mean they were giving up 50 points per game coming into the game against Texas Tech.

TCU has been averaging 28 points per game, and they put up 59 points against Kansas. Iowa State averages 33, but scored 52 against the Jayhawks. Kansas State has been brutal on offense and average 26 points per game, but threw up 55 against the Jayhawks. Those are three of the last four games for Kansas. The fourth game was Oklahoma casually putting up 62 on the poor Jayhawks.

The Red Raiders couldn't muster that type of production, even with Jayhawks getting hurt left and right on the field. The Jayhawks even came in short-handed, but looked up to the task against Texas Tech as they held the Red Raiders to six field goal attempts. Even better for the Jayhawks, Red Raiders kicker Jonathan Garibay only made three.

Elsewhere on the Texas Tech offense, QB Alan Bowman only threw for 117 yards while the Texas Tech rushing attack was great in between the 20s, but inconsistent in the redzone. The team's lone touchdown was a 70-yard reverse to Myles Price, a part of Texas Tech's nearly 300 rushing yards.

With the rushing success came some tribulations. Xavier White had 135 yards on the ground, but fumbled twice and had a ridiculous taunting penalty that negated one of his big runs and turned what might have been a touchdown into a field goal.

All in all, Texas Tech had to rely on the defense to hold against Kansas in Lubbock on Senior Day. The defense did that, overcoming an offense that turned it over four times and couldn't finish against Kansas.

After the game, Texas Tech's leading receiver had some comments on his usage and the game plan.

"I wasn't involved with this win. I feel like me getting the ball helps out the team a lot more," Ezukanma said in response to a question about him expressing frustration to the coaching staff. He continued: "At one point, we're literally trying to give Kansas the game, and I'm trying to do anything I can for them not to win. I'm glad we came up with the win, but it was kind of ugly."

Players usually don't share that kind of transparency in the post game, but I applaud Ezukanma for saying it, and he's absolutely right. On the broadcast, it's hard to see if receivers are open down field, but against Kansas I'm assuming people were open. Against defenses much better than Kansas', Ezukanma has had monster games.

He's second in the Big 12 in receiving, with 748 yards receiving and 46 catches with six touchdowns. Ezukanma is the type of receiver you take deep shots to, throw slants to, throw hooks, screens and posts to. Anything. Just get the ball in his hands. That opens up the rest of the offense, especially in the redzone.

The Red Raiders had zero success today.

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