Nothing feels quite as magical as a White Christmas. Unfortunately for Lubbock, the chance of that happening is quite slim.

According to the National Weather Service, within the past 100 years, Lubbock has only seen snow on Christmas day 15 times. In most of those instances, the snow either didn’t stick or it wasn’t enough to truly be considered a White Christmas. Out of the 15 days, we saw some form of now, only seven days had between one to three inches of show.

The last time Lubbock saw snow on the ground on Christmas Day was in 2012. Although it snowed less than an inch in the northern part of the city, the southern and western parts of Lubbock saw between one to two inches of snow that day.

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In 2015, Lubbock didn’t see a white Christmas, but the two days after the holiday were buried in at least a foot of snow from a near-historic blizzard that swept through the Hub City. That blizzard left the city in shock with snow drifts between 5 to 10 feet tall.

So, looking at the amount of snow Lubbock has seen on Christmas over the past 100 years, that leaves us with a 15 percent chance of seeing any snow, and only a 7 percent chance of an actual White Christmas.

This is only reassured by this NOAA map of the United States showing the likelihood of snow across the country. Lubbock, like the majority of Texas, is sadly sitting in the 0-10 percent range.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Even though it's unlikely, there is still that small chance of snow, so don’t completely lose hope that Lubbock might become a winter wonderland on Christmas Day this year. If the 2015 blizzard taught us anything, it's that you never know what will happen when it comes to Lubbock weather.

Lubbock's Near-Historic 2015 Blizzard


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