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You might need those gloves and big jackets again on Friday.

You didn't fall for it, did you? The sun, the warmer temperatures, the desire to start making the flower beds look nice. Yes, it may have recently felt like spring, but spring hasn't sprung yet in Lubbock or throughout Texas. Consider last week a taste of spring, or as some of called it, the Spring of Deception.

For a few days it felt like spring was getting closer, but on Friday we'll be reminded that winter still isn't done with Lubbock or Texas. In fact, some parts of the state could see freezing rain and/or snow, and yes, that includes the Lubbock area. So don't forget to get the ice scrapers out again.

Of course all of this could change by Friday and it could turn out to just be cold on Friday. The point is, even though we may "spring forward" on Sunday morning doesn't mean it's time to put away the jackets just yet.

The good news? While winter isn't done yet, temperatures will rebound to near 70 degrees on Sunday and reach the upper 70s/low 80s by next Wednesday. Overall, some great weather is coming our way. Now we just need to some rain to get out of the drought we've been experiencing.

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