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No, we aren't anywhere close to being done with summer in Lubbock. It's going to be hot and dry for weeks to come. Then, the South Plains Fair will come to town and our chances of rain increases exponentially. We may see a little fall come our way, too.

The question on many people's minds in Lubbock and throughout Texas is, what will this winter look like? Will it continue to be hot, or at least warm and dry compared to past winters? The Farmers' Almanac has released its 2022-23 winter forecast, and Lubbock, you better be able to find those jackets you packed up months ago.

The Farmers' Almanac pretty much nailed our summer in Texas. "Broiling Hot" was one way they described our weather forecast, while also saying that there would be no end to the drought. Nailed it.

So what about this winter? According to the Farmers' Almanac, Texas will see a "chilly" winter with "normal precipitation." Those north of Lubbock could see colder temperatures and even more snow and rain.

While it may not be a "drought buster" of a winter, getting back to normal is okay with me and a lot of other people around here. Of course this also could mean a snow day or two for kids this winter.

Lubbock won't be the coldest or snowiest place in America, and that's fine by me. The Farmers' Almanac is predicting that some places in the United States could see temperatures fall to 40 degrees below zero. See? Ninety degrees doesn't sound so bad after all, now does it?

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