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"If you don't like the weather in Lubbock, wait 10 minutes."

I've been hearing that phrase basically my whole life, and it often feels true. I can wake up in the morning and have it be cold enough to wear two jackets, then when I get to 3 p.m. it's in the 80s and I'm having a heat stroke. What gives?

Many people will blame the weather due to where we're located, pretty much being smack-dab in the middle of the country (well, not so much vertically, but horizontally it still checks out). We're also super flat. No mountains around here. No hills, even. To top it all off, we don't have many trees, either, so when it gets windy, nothing stops it.

Add all of the farming around the area and you've got a nice skyline of pure brown when the wind kicks up.

But I'm not talking about just the wind. It never seems like you can get comfortable with the temperature around here, so what gives?

Honestly, I think it's just another case of "the grass is always greener on the other side." I haven't lived anywhere else. Well, I lived in California until I turned 3, but I don't remember any of it; Lubbock is all I know. I can't really comment on how the weather is elsewhere and feel pretty confident saying a lot of others are in the same boat.

Jody James, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Lubbock, has lived in multiple different places in Texas and Oklahoma and said it's the same thing. Fluctuating temperatures, sporadic storms, all of it.

Of course, it's not like this everywhere, but maybe we're not as unique as we think. It is a fact, however, that we've got a stupid-high STD rate and no other city can boast the same statistic.

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