Chad Jackson and I have been on a journey for the last several months to eat ridiculously hot things while we talk about sports. It all started with the One Chip challenge which to this day is the hottest thing I've ever dealt with. We've since completed the Death Nut challenge, assorted hot sauces including Pepper X and Reaper sauces.

We grew tired of the far off challenges that came in a box in the mail. We craved something fresh and not generated in some lab somewhere. Also, something delicious. I don't know if you've ever eaten these peppers designed in a lab, but they suck. They don't taste like nature. They taste like chemically altered charcoal processed with a demon's piss. Hot, yes, but not delicious.

In response to the quest of finding something hot and delicious, we've set our sights on local places that serve the hottest, spiciest, best-tasting dish.

That's why I'm here. We started at Bangkok Thai Restaraunt, and found the dish to be a 5.2 on the breauxville unit scale. A made-up scale to rank the hottest dishes in Lubbock.

Where should we go next?

More Thai food of course. But what places in Lubbock have made you shed a single tear of pain and pleasure? Who made served you a dish so spicy that you had to ask for a glass of milk and they just laughed in your face. That's where Chad and I want to go.

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