Recently the NFL introduced a new proposal to change the onside kick rule. Instead of lining up in the kickoff formation and trying to trickle the ball 10 yards while elite athletes are hurling themselves at one another, the team could instead elect to attempt a 4th and 15 play from their own 25-yard line.

The rule would all but eliminate the traditional onside kick and provide some incredible moments along the way. Especially for the Kansas City Chiefs, should they ever find themselves down at the end of a half.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes alluded to the rule change in a tweet late last week:

I can only imagine this response is Patrick Mahomes licking his chops at being able to attempt a free 4th and long with the game on the line. Mahomes has proven he's up to pressure time and time again.

Here are just over two minutes of Mahomes dominating on 3rd and long:

On 3rd and 15, Mahomes QBR is nearly 90 points better than the NFL average.

The Chiefs attempted two 4th and long plays in Mahomes' two seasons as a starter. One was a 48-yard completion for a first down and the other was a 15 yard run for a first down.

Mahomes' QBR when trailing is 110.2.

If you were lining up on 4th and 15 with the game on the line is there any other quarterback you'd rather have in 2021? I can see an argument for Russell Wilson and maybe Aaron Rodgers. Wilson is otherworldly on 4th and medium and pretty great in 4th and long situations. Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers.

I'd definitely take Mahomes over Tom Brady in 2021.

You might as well call this rule the Patrick Mahomes rule because it doesn't help anyone benefit anyone in the NFL more than the Kansas City Chiefs.

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