Texas Tech Football is set to have their first home opener against Oregon and while everyone is excited for the game there is one tradition that seems to dominate the day. Tailgates!

Everyone loves a good reason to come together and grill some amazing meat then drink some alcohol but there are some people that have never known the joys of tailgating. We have compiled a list of some tips to keep in mind when going all out in support of those Red Raiders.

  1. Know the Team - So this one is a given. How can you go to a tailgate without knowing the team in the slightest. That's like showing up to the Texas Tech tailgate wearing nothing but orange, that could land you in a world of hurt and pain.
  2. Be Comfortable - It's important to look your best on game day but also remember that you will have to probably wear that outfit all day and night. Our best advice is to wear something that breaths and allows you ample running room just in case a car gets flipped upside down, again.
  3. Sunscreen and Water - Even though it is the Fall semester we are still in that full Summer swing so it will be hot. Make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated. No beer does not count as a hydrating drink so make sure you get plenty of water in your system.
  4. Chair - If you plan on just tailgating all day and not entering the stadium then it might be a good idea to bring your own chair. We say this because the Jones AT&T Stadium has a clear bag policy and we aren't entirely sure that they will let you in with a foldable chair. So risk losing an expensive chair.
  5. Have Fun - Obviously have fun and make memories because game day tailgates are some of the fondest memories. If you can remember most of the day and night and make wise decisions.

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