The Double T has been banned from the Texas Tech football facility. The team is not worthy of the symbol of the university. And it's not just the players who aren't worthy. From the looks of it, Kingsbury himself and his coaching staff aren't worthy, either.

Coming off the most disappointing season of Texas Tech football in the last two decades, it's easy to see what the point is here. Don't take your situation for granted. In the worst losses of their 2016 season, the Texas Tech football team was just punching its time card and going through the motions. The most apt example being West Virginia.

Texas Tech v Arizona State
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This isn't the first time a coach has removed the logo from the practice realm, not returning the logo until it had been earned.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski took the Blue Devil away from his players earlier this season. Bill Parcells made his rookies "earn the star" during his time with the Dallas Cowboys. Charlie Strong took the Longhorn away in Austin during his tenure.

Make no mistake: This is a stupid gimmick. But stupid gimmicks work sometimes.

If this gimmick galvanizes the team and inspires improvement and an elevated work ethic, then it's not a stupid gimmick any more. At that point, it's a genius move that saves Kliff Kingsbury's job.

You can see the coach's comments about the situation beginning around the 2-minute mark in the video below.

Kingsbury alludes that this will go into the fall, so don't expect the Red Raiders to earn the Double T by the end of spring.

There are also levels of t-shirts, like a karate belt, going from brown to gray and white to red and black. Those will be individual achievements, but the Double T will be earned as a team.

I guess the bottom line is that Kliff Kingsbury has to do something to appease the growing sentiment of failure surrounding him and his program. Is this the big emotional thing that will revitalize this program?

What do you think?


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