Kliff Kingsbury has always been a fan of pranks. Last month we heard the story of when Sean McVay had Kingsbury believing that he broke a bunch of NFL rules while the two were out to dinner with Patrick Mahomes early in Kingsbury's time in Arizona. There are numerous other examples out there of locker room and football teams hazing the new guy with some light-hearted fun.

Those two worlds come together in the Arizona Cardinals' latest TikTok in which Kliff Kingsbury outlines how the team's quarterback coach paid Colt McCoy to tell Kyler Murray Happy Birthday via Cameo.

The coach used his mother-in-law's credit card and paid double for the rush time it would take to guarantee that McCoy made the video for Murray. Who played at both of Colt McCoy's alma maters biggest Rivals with time spent at both Texas A&M and Oklahoma.

In McCoy's cameo, he tells Murray, "I know you're a quarterback too and love the Longhorns." That's half right I guess.

McCoy joins the Cardinals this season as Murray's backup after spending last season with the New York Giants after backing up numerous quarterback's in Washington for several seasons. McCoy has been in the NFL since 2010 and has started 30 games with a record of 8-22 which is actually pretty impressive because he's been on some terrible teams. He was 6-13 in his first two seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

"It was pretty genius," Kingsbury said of the prank. "One of the best ones I've ever seen, but it was hard to keep it to ourselves all week, knowing that it was gonna happen. It was well played."

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