Baker Mayfield was arrested over the weekend in Fayetteville, Arkansas. According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, Baker Mayfield was detained for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fleeing and resisting arrest.

The police report, obtained by Max Olsen and, claims that officers responded to a call at 2:29 a.m. Saturday morning (Feb. 25). Mayfield was "yelling profanities and causing a scene," according to the report.

Baker Mayfield mugshot
Washington County Sheriff's Office

According to the police report, Mayfield had slurred speech, difficulty walking down stairs and was covered in food.

Mayfield refused to come over when the officer told him to stop and then sprinted away, "which forced the officer to chase him and tackle him to the ground," according to Olsen.

Mayfield continued to resist by not letting his arms be put behind his back. Eventually, the arresting officer won the battle, cuffed the former Texas Tech quarterback and took him to the Washington County Detention Facility.

Mayfield is scheduled to appear in Court on April 6 to answer for the charges.

After news of the arrest broke, video surfaced of what is allegedly Baker Mayfield getting body slammed by a bouncer. This event would have preceded the arrest in the timeline of what turned into an eventful night for Baker Mayfield.

If this bouncer has any eligibility left, Texas Tech could use him at defensive line.


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