The Texas Tech Red Raiders beat Kansas 55-19. While that should be cause for joyful celebrations, the home team left a lot to be desired - especially special teams.

So let's grade Texas Tech's performance.

The coaching gets a C. The defensive game plan worked. The offense started quick, then sputtered in the 1st half. A tweak in the offensive line helped, but it came entirely too late. It may be unfair, but penalties always get blamed on the coaches, and there were plenty of those bad boys.

I'd give the defense a B. Best showing so far this season, and probably the best that the defense has looked since David Gibbs came to Lubbock. It was against Kansas, yes. That's why it's a B.

The pressure packages were nice. There were stunts along the defensive line. 3rd and longs weren't converted like 2nd and shorts. There were turnovers. It was like Texas Tech had a real, honest-to-god defense. It's something to build on.

The offense would be a C+. B- could be argued, but with absolutely no rhythm for most of the 1st half and penalties galore, there's much to improve on in this facet of Texas Tech's game. The running game was nearly non-existent. The offensive line couldn't figure out Kansas' blitzing. Lots of negatives to dwell on, and Texas Tech still threw eight touchdowns and scored 55 points. Again, something to build on.

The special teams gets an F. There's no excuse for missing an extra point. None. From the video above, Kliff Kingsbury agrees with that wholeheartedly.

"It's brutal. It's 'Bad News Bears' with those guys," Kingsbury said, adding about the kickers: "They're really bad right now. It's just brutal honesty."

Michael Barden was having inconsistencies punting this season, so Tech, according to Kingsbury, "put the other kid in and he drops a snap." The dropped snap was in the end zone and resulted in a safety.

Kingsbury did say that "Coach Rob[inson] is a very good special teams coach." So maybe something can be figured out between now and next Saturday when the Red Raiders head to Kansas State.

If not, the special teams of Texas Tech will cost the team a win this season.

So overall, the Texas Tech team is rocking a 2.0 GPA. You can get a diploma with a 2.0...right?

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