Unless you've been recruited to a big-time program or work in the athletic department of one, you probably wonder what exactly goes on during a recruiting visit to a premier program on a big time campus.

We got a small peak behind the curtain thanks to Tyreek Smith's visit to Texas Tech. Twitter user Hboog32 was there and updated us on the visit with the 4-star recruit, who was originally committed to Texas A&M and has visited TCU and Houston the past few weeks.

Smith is a coveted prospect, even after the program added a similar player in grad transfer TJ Holyfield over the weekend.

Of course, the first video put out is Coach Beard on a Lime scooter getting around campus. He loves those bad boys.

Beard then takes Smith to the indoor facility for the football and track and field teams to illustrate what they'll have as a basketball program very soon. He also gets some of his assistants to race around the track.

Here's more scooter riding, and a good look at the snacks on snacks on snacks left in the recruits hotel room for the weekend. I think I counted 12 pounds of gummy bears. Also, a pole vault attempt.

The highlight of the weekend, however, has to be Coach Beard getting Smith and Coach Sutton to arm wrestle on the lunch table.

If Sutton had won, it would mean an automatic commitment from Smith. Don't sleep on those guns that Coach Sutton whipped out for the attempt, but Smith had him easy. Beard did go in for the assist when it got dire, though.

I know this is just a snapshot into a whirlwind 48 hours or less, but it does give us a good look at how Chris Beard attacks a prospect and gets them on board.

Texas Tech is a spot where you can have a good time and get taken care of. Kevin McCullar is out to lunch doing his part. Kyler Edwards was riding on the scooters.

I know most schools can put a similar package in front of a recruit, but it's fun to see a little behind-the-scenes video that you normally don't get to see.

Tyreek Smith will make his decision in the next few weeks between Texas Tech, Houston and TCU, among others.

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