Everyone wants to be the Athletic Director on social media. It's one of my favorite things to do. It's really easy to do. In fact, I've already fired Kevin Sumlin, Butch Jones and Jason Garrett this season several times.

At this point in 2017 Kliff and the Red Raiders are 4-4 with 4 games remaining.

I'm all in on Kingsbury for another year. I'm not entirely sold on him being here till 2020 right now but I'm excited about the cocoon Kingsbury is berthing from. In 2018 his chrysalis will culminate with an experienced offensive line and a defense full of seniors.

2018 has every chance to be the season Tech fans have been waiting for.

So, do you want Kliff Kingsbury here to reap his benefits or do you want a new man to take over and glide into the future on the foundation that has finally been built.

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