The Texas Tech football players who were recently arrested have had their suspensions lifted, and while that's technically what Kliff Kingsbury said during his post-practice availability on Tuesday, it's not the whole story.

Kliff Kingsbury said in his post practice availability that he would decide by Thursday if the players who had "served their suspension the previous week and their punishment" would be eligible for more than practice.

The four players that were arrested a few weekends ago -- Jett Duffey, Christian Taylor, Des Smith and Quan Shorts -- have all returned to practice, but it hasn't been decided if those players will travel to Frisco this weekend for the scrimmage at The Star.

When pressed for information on if the players would travel, Kingsbury said it was a process that was being worked through by the university and the football program.

So, the only thing that has been decided is that the four players are done doing individual work with the strength and conditioning staff instead of getting reps in practice.

Kingsbury reiterated during the availability that the decision to reinstate the players to practice was handled by talking to the administration and the LPD. "After talking with the LPD and going through all of those steps, we came to that decision," he said.

I understand that these guys went through a physical punishment outlined by Rusty "The American Badass" Whitt, but beyond missing minimal practice time, has anything been done? If they travel to Frisco for the scrimmage, is there even a facade of credibility to the way this was handled?

Why have them miss any practice at all if the end result is that they are back on the field by the time the team travels to Frisco, Texas?

I wasn't ever a proponent of the players being kicked off the team, but to have the "suspension" only last two weeks, when the team isn't even practice every day, just doesn't make sense.

Maybe this scenario would have gotten a heavier punishment in October when there are real games and practice to suspend from? The Spring schedule is all just fluff compared to the real games and practice in the fall.

The Frisco scrimmage is the only meaningful thing to miss in the spring.

We will find out on Thursday if Kliff Kingsbury has started to care more about winning than discipline -- which is a great thing, until it blows up.

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