According to Pete Christy and Don Williams, the four players involved in the disturbance at Bash Riprock's early Sunday morning have been suspended from Texas Tech football. Those four players are Jett Duffey, Christian Taylor, Des Smith and Quan Shorts.

Just to break down the decision a little bit.

“Suspended indefinitely” means that the Texas Tech Athletic Department can now take its time to make any decisions that they need to make moving forward. It's March, so there's no rush to jump into any kind of decision when there’s still an opportunity to gain information. The indefinite suspension will also allow the players to rehabilitate on their own speed.

The body cam footage, in my opinion, shows definite levels of involvement for the four arrested, and a few that were not arrested.

All four of the suspended players are doing activities not directly related with practice.

After practice, Kingsbury said he came to the decision after reviewing the incident with the Lubbock Police Department.

”We're not happy about it, how they acted, won't be tolerated,” he told reporters. “Hopefully, we can learn from it, have something the entire program can see and we can move on."

ICYMI: Here is the full body cam video from the arrests of Football Players

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