The number one recruit in the nation for the 2021 class has officially reclassified to the 2020 class and now he's the number one recruit in the 2020 class. His name is Jonathon Kuminga and he'd actually be the number one recruit in a lot of classes over the last 20 years.

Kuminga is a six-foot-eight guard who can score, defend, jump, dribble, dunk and anything else you need to do on a basketball court and he does it at a very high level.

Why are we talking about Kuminga here when he's the best prospect to come out of high school in several years and maybe longer? Because he's got Texas Tech or the G League on his mind.

That's right. Jonathon Kuminga will be making his decision on whether to go to college at Texas Tech or pursue his professional dreams on Monday, June 22nd. We talked to Tobias Bass on Friday about where Kuminga will be taking his talents. One of the four universities that he announced in his top 5, or the G League. Bass said, from what he's heard, Kuminga is 51% decided that he's coming to Texas Tech.

Now, anywhere else you look Kuminga is 100% going to the G League. His crystal ball on is littered with PRO picks. But I don't think the analysts are accounting for two things. First thing is that Jonathon Kuminga's brother Joel Ntambwe is at Texas Tech. Second thing is that Chris Beard is an absolute maniac and probably hasn't stopped trying to recruit Kuminga for months.

Chris Beard in quarantine? What do you think he's doing? Learning to crochet? No! He's recruiting like a madman. He's already pulled in a top 10 class and the best transfer class in the nation. Kuminga would put it over the top and make Texas Tech a top 5 preseason team.

Listen to the entire Tobias Bass interview from Ryan Hyatt's Raiderland here:

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