"Strive for perfection, settle for greatness" is an incredible mantra that could foreshadow some unexpected levels of success for Coach Kliff Kingsbury in his 5th season. Also in his 5th season is Texas Tech quarterback Nic Shimonek, who made his first collegiate start on Saturday against Eastern Washington University.

A lot of comparisons have been made between Nic Shimonek and BJ Symons because of their 5th year QB status and gunslinger mentality. I love the comparisons because I'm a huge BJ supporter, but I think we're missing the more appropriate comparison here.

Nic Shimonek reminds me of another Texas Tech quarterback and the similarities are striking. They share a number, a soft-spoken demeanor in press conferences and a fiery demeanor on the playing field. They are both tall and lanky. They both have the same amount of syllables in their name.

Yes, I'm talking about the OG air raid quarterback, Kliff Kingsbury.

Watch this video of Kingsbury playing against Texas to understand the competitor that Nic Shimonek is and what his ceiling could be at Texas Tech.

The two even have the same go-to celebration.

left: Getty Images/John Weast. right: youtube.com/
Getty Images, John Weast/bigtextech via YouTube


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