Nic Shimonek spoke to the media after the 56 – 10 win over Eastern Washington on Saturday afternoon, which also happened to be his first career start as a 5th year senior.

Shimonek spoke to his first starting experience, "It was awesome. You know, offensively we need to start faster. But man, I'm so excited for the defense, excited for the running backs." He continued, "When was the last time Texas Tech threw the ball 33 times and won by that margin? That's just a testament to Coach B-Jones working with those guys up front. Very exciting."

When asked if he knew he was one pass away from setting the consecutive completions record he said, "I didn't. I did not know that... It's a good feeling to be rolling on all cylinders like that."

Shimonek, proving his gunslinger reputation, threw a 75 yard bomb to Derrick Willies in the second quarter, here's how he explained that sequence, "The first four or five drives, I'm checking it down because they're dropping a lot of guys into coverage, and they're just not giving us anything, and I go up to our quarterback coach, I'm like, man, I just want to let one go. I just want to -- somebody beat them over the top, I just want to let one ride, and sure enough, right after I said that, I threw the post to Derrick Willies for a 75-, 80-yard touchdown, so it was awesome." Shimonek continued, "I'm looking forward to seeing that play."

I bet the team replays that one a few times in film session.

Is Nic Shimonek going to calm down after being hyped up for his first start? "Yeah, I'm not going to relax by any means. That's not what I am."

Former Texas Tech Quarterbacks let Nic Shimonek know they were proud of his effort.



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