Now, there's a history of ghosts in Lubbock. Don't believe me? You can google 'haunted places in Lubbock' just as well as I can and find incident after incident of hauntings in our fine city.

Here's an example of a ghost caught on camera written by internet and radio sensation and the most lovable man in Lubbock Radio (or whatever he calls himself) Wes Nessman.

You can also google Wes Nessman as well as I can.

Anyways, now that we've set a baseline that hauntings and ghosts are totally real here is some real and actual footage of a ghost haunting Raider Red Meats.

Don't blink or you'll miss it.

I wonder if that ghost is the one that makes their meat and seasonings taste so dadgum good. Is it the ghost of a world-renowned butcher or chef? I mean, I know they win meat judging National Championships at a higher rate than ghost sightings in Lubbock around Halloween, but something supernatural is happening with those dry-aged ribeyes.

Also, they have to have some ghosts working overtime to be putting out the amount of amazing meat they are pumping out. Just by looking at their specials for Halloween, I'm way behind on trying what they offer.

Jalapeno bacon? Seven different cuts and styles of ribeye? Sausages, chops, ribs loins, and more.

I wonder if I can hire this Raider Red Meat ghost to cater a party for me on Halloween. Might be the best Halloween party ever thrown. People can dress as their favorite cuts of meat.

Don't steal my idea, please.

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