As we inch ever closer to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos I have decided to share some true family spooky stories. These stories are true stories to my family and you don't have to believe them but for those who don't I do advise that you read them alone at night.

This story takes place a few months after the story of Polin and focuses on his older brother who was the middle child, Salvador. On a Saturday night a few miles outside of San Carlos, Coahuila Salvador was getting ready to go to town alone and catch a movie. Salvador ended up catching the late show to a movie and as a result got out really late. Salvador decided that since it was so late he would go to stay with his mother, Doña Petra, at her home since she did live a little closer to town.

Salvador walked from the city to his mother's home and decided to take a short cut to get there faster. As he cut through a field he noticed a giant tree alone in a field just towering over the fields being touched by the moonlight. Salvador finally reached the tree and as he was passing by heard what sounded like a laugh and cry combined into one. Salvador tried to hurry out of the field when a lechuza (owl) descended from the tree and began to scratch and peck at him. Salvador felt as if every scratch was instead a punch to his body as the bird ripped through his clothes with its sharp talons. As fast as the lechuza appeared it soon disappeared into what seemed like thin air leaving Salvador very beat up.

Salvador gathered his strength while scared and carried on to Petra's home. When he arrived Petra awoke and saw her son covered in deep scratches and bruises with tattered clothes and asked "What happened? Who did this to you Salvador?" and he told the truth that a lechuza had come down and attacked him. His mother speculated that this lechuza was some kind of witch seeking fun so she cleaned his wounds and let him rest at the house.

Two months went by and Salvador starting showing signs of fatigue just like Polin when he first became ill and was also afraid to go into town for errands. Petra took notice and asked him to go to the garden and gather specific plants for her to use in a limpia (cleansing) to get the susto (fright) off of him. He did as was told and Petra performed the limpia to cleanse her son from any fright he may have encountered that night if that lechuza was indeed a wild witch. After the limpia was done Salvador slept through the night and was no longer afraid of going into town alone. Since the death of Polin Petra was afraid her other son's would be next but after Salvador's close call and Petra taking quick action she knew they were safe. Would the eldest brother be as fortunate as Salvador if he were to encounter something out of the norm, maybe something considered supernatural?

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