Who doesn't love a good scary story before Halloween, even better when those scary stories are true. This story takes place after the events of Salvador's story, these are true accounts based on family stories. A few months had passed after Salvador was attacked by the lechuza and his mother, Doña Petra, performed the limpia.

Petra's eldest son, Federico, was not like his other brother's since he was the eldest and had to be the man of the household. Federico was very mean to everyone and did not take the passing of his youngest brother, Polin, too well. Federico was also very abusive towards his wife and Petra would tell him to stop and cherish his wife but didn't listen.

One night Federico decided to go out to a bar in San Carlos after work since he had a long day. At the bar Federico drank until he finally had to be thrown out for drinking too much and causing a scene. Federico had to walk home in his drunken state and started to go through the plaza when the church bells started to ring. It was 3 a.m. and Federico began passing the church when he went to the side of the church to vomit from all the alcohol he had consumed.

After Federico was done that's when he heard a noise that sounded like a screeching followed by two red glowing eyes and out of the darkness is when she appeared. It was an enormous pig, with two front tusks, she let out a big squeal and began running towards Federico causing him to run. The pig chased Federico from the church all the way to the edge of town where it grabbed onto his pant leg dragging him across the ground. As Federico struggled to get free he crossed the edge of town and the pig was gone, she disappeared into thin air.

Federico got up and ran to Petra's house where he banged on the door until she answered. "Mama! A pig with glowing red eyes chased me to the edge of town!" exclaimed Federico. Petra asked "Why were you out so late to begin with? You know the story of the sow that protects the spirits of her piglets and chases anyone with a mean heart away." Petra noticed that Federico's pant leg was torn and he was bleeding from some kind of bite, she cleaned it up and talked to her son. After talking about how he needs to change or the pig will come after him again Federico went to sleep in the living room, in the morning the bite was gone.

After that encounter Federico was nicer to his brother Salvador, his wife, and everyone else in his life, he also gave up drinking. A few months after being chased by the pig Federico started to get ill just like his brothers before him and after speaking with Federico's wife that's when Petra decided it was time to give him a limpia. This was no ordinary limpia as Petra took Federico out to a special place to perform this limpia since he had been bit and it disappeared.

Federico went on to get better after the limpia and it was as if the limpia cleansed his whole life. Petra was always the protector of the family and vowed she would do everything in her power to protect people. Would anyone protect Petra if she were to ever have a supernatural experience of her own, or would she fall victim to the consequences that come from being frightened?

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