October is my most favorite time of year because it's not just Halloween season but also Dia de los Muertos season. Many Mexican American families have stories that get passed down through the generations as lessons to be learned or tales that older family members tell that help them bond and connect with each other.

I will be sharing a tale of my great aunt Doña Petra and her three sons. This story is true in my family and you don't have to believe it but I do suggest you read this alone at night if you don't really believe.

This tale takes place in 1976 back in San Carlos, Coahuila Mexico, where my mother's family is from. My great aunt Doña Petra was getting her day started and noticed she was out of flour to make tortillas. Petra decided she would send one of her sons into town to pick up some flour so she could make tortillas for the week. Leopoldo, known a Polin, was up bright and early and Petra decided to send him 8 miles into town to pick up the flour, among other things.

Petra sent Polin into town and told him to hurry back, so she would have some fresh tortillas ready for breakfast. Polin went into town and entered the grocery store, got the flour and the other things he needed, and started to head back home. Suddenly, a familiar face saw Polin and called him over. It was a friend of the family, Doña Maria de Pescina. Out of respect, Polin went over and greeted her while Doña Maria started asking him questions and the two began to catch up like usual.

After a while of chatting Doña Maria said, "Leopoldo I cannot wait for you to come and stay with me forever." Polin's eyes widened and that's when he remember that Doña Maria had been deceased for a while.

Leopoldo turned to Doña Maria and stated, "Hey! You're dead!", that's when Doña Maria smiled and disappeared into thin air. This sight frightened Polin down to his very core, turning his face so white he almost matched the flour he was holding. Polin continued on home and delivered the flour to his mother. Petra noticed that he seemed different. "Leopoldo, are you ok? You seem so pale? Did something happen?" asked Petra, "No, mama, nothing happened. I am alright. I just need to rest for a bit." replied Polin.

After that encounter with Doña Maria and her words stating she was waiting for him to come stay with her forever, my cousin's health started to dwindle. After six months Polin was on his death bed. This is where Petra begged him to tell her what happened and why this was happening.

Polin told his mother about that day where Doña Maria's spirit appeared to him. My aunt Petra sobbed and told him he should of told her so she could give him a 'limpia' (cleansing) from the 'susto' (fright) but it was too late. My cousin Leopoldo at the age of 22 passed away, he was scared to death.

He was only the first brother to have a supernatural encounter, but not the last.

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