You probably already saw the pictures and video of Rusty Whitt tackling and tossing a fan who ran on the field at the Texas Tech-OU game. It's a fascinating read, but there's another video surfacing that somehow makes the theme to Titanic a bad-ass power ballad.

Don't get me wrong: "My Heart Will Go On" slaps, and its a meme to put it to major sporting events. But NEVER has the Celine Dion ballad had so much power behind it as it does with Texas Tech Strength and Conditioning Coach Rusty Whitt included.

Just check it out:

First of all, perfect form tackle at the start by Whitt. Then, it only gets better, as Whitt absolutely hammer tosses this idiot into the sideline, where big Joe Wallace sits on his head. Of all the instant karma punishments you could dream up for a doofus that runs onto the field, getting a mouthful of game-action swass has to be at the top of the list.

In fact, this should be the permanent punishment for fans who run on the field.

Kudos to Zackary Brame on Twitter; the music is perfect. Rusty Whitt is perfect. Joe Wallace's sweaty Christmas hams are perfect. I love it when something comes together like this in such harmonious fashion.

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