We don't know a ton about the life and times of Texas Tech's new strength and conditioning coach, but what we do know is fascinating.

Whitt was hired along with four other coaches in the past few weeks to try and complete the staff before signing day.

We will be checking out all of the coaches here in the next few weeks, but let's start with the man who will be in charge on the first day of practice armed with gas masks and ruck sacks.

Here are five facts to introduce you to one of the newest coaches on the block.

  • 1

    Whitt was in the military

    After the September 11th terror attacks, Whitt was called to action and joined the Army, where he served from 2003 to 2009. He was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom V and VI.

    Whitt uses his military training in his strength and conditioning programs. He has players wear gas masks and uses rucksacks full of weights as players run the stairs of the stadium.

  • 2

    Played football in college

    Whitt earned his undergraduate degree at Abilene Christian University, where he played football for several years. He graduated in 1994 before pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Texas.

  • 3

    Named CFB's most intimidating strength and conditioning coach

    According to lostletterman.com, in 2013 Rusty Whitt was the most intimidating coach in College Football.

    Beating out coaches from Texas, Alabama, and LSU, who were in the top 5, Whitt brings an intimidation factor to Texas Tech that has not been here in recent memory. Or maybe ever.

  • 4

    Whitt headbutts players who have helmets on

    Rusty Whitt is probably most famous for headbutting a player who had a helmet on. He was photographed with the blood streaming off his head. The photos of him wearing blood and sunglasses painted a very intimidating scene, which could be the main reason for no. 3.

  • 5

    Rusty Whitt don't take no... crap.

    The sports blog Terez Owens called Whitt a "douchebag" after the headbutting incident, and Whitt responded: "If you can complete one of our two-hour freshmen level workout sessions, I will call myself a DB - and will give to you one of my Green Berets.”

    The staff at Terez Owens recanted the statement saying it was "all in fun" and "now that we know Rusty is a Green Beret, we take back the Douchebag comment."

    They would have said more, but they were busy cleaning up the puddles.


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