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Update: Two men arrested at Saturday's protest in Lubbock have been identified.

According to the Lubbock Police Department, Emmanuel Quinones (25) was charged with disorderly conduct with a firearm, and Ezequiel Cantu Valderas (36) was charged with assault. [Read more]

Original post: I'm pretty proud of the way this was handled by all. Of course, I have very few details right now, but it appears these two Lubbock policemen got backup from the protesters.

You have to remember that part of the reason people across the country are protesting is to "police the police," but when it came down to it, the protesters assisted Lubbock police officers in diffusing a very dangerous situation.

I have no idea why this guy decided to bring a loaded weapon to this protest; I'm guessing to protest the protesters. All that matters is when the police decided it was a bad thing, protesters jumped in to help disarm and subdue the guy.

Note: I have confirmed this sequence of events from one of the attendees.  

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