Patrick Mahomes isn't exactly hurting for money. He signed a contract extension worth up to half a billion dollars. He's a brand ambassador for Adidas, Oakley, Hunt's Ketchup, and a number of local companies.

Now, he's endorsing the best beer on the market: Coors Light.

Don't scoff. I don't care if you dislike the silver bullet and its slick, golden throat appeal. If you're a craft beer snob, you can drink overpriced beer to your heart's content. IPAs? Go ahead and squint your eyes and let out a big sigh every time you take a sip like you enjoy that grass water. As for Patrick Mahomes and I, the mountains are blue, and they are calling our name.

You might say Mahomes is selling out. I say he's embracing who he's always been.

Here's Mahomes in February catching a cold one from the crowd and chugging it down. Couldn't do that now, but it does look like a Coors Light just based on the enjoyment from his face in the aftermath of the chug.

Last June, Mahomes is out at a St. Louis Blues game when he gets peer pressured into being better than Aaron Rodgers at chugging beer. He pulls a Coors Light out of nowhere.

What was Mahomes drinking at Texas Tech University? Coors Light.

Alright, but what about the privacy of his own boat? Unfettered by the pressure of the crowd. He could buy any beer in the world to bring with him on vacation. He brings Coors Light because that's what he loves.

They say to do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. Mahomes is getting paid while playing his favorite game, getting paid to wear his favorite shoes and sunglasses, and also getting paid to drink the best most refreshing beer on the market.

It's must be damn good to be Patrick Mahomes.

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