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One of the great things about living in Lubbock is the prevalence of the website Nextdoor. This site is a great tool designed to help people find local professionals, buy and borrow tools, read about local news, and more.

What many people love about the website (myself included) is that people post about crimes they’ve caught on their home cameras, share info about any lost dogs they find around town and are overall very welcoming, allowing newcomers to familiarize themselves with the area and get advice from those who've lived here longer.

While those are the things that most people love about Nextdoor, there's one Lubbock local that apparently hates all those things. This Lubbockite went out of their way to share their distaste for the website by making a public post about it.

The post reads, "There are nothing but ads, lost animal[s] and blurry thief videos on this app." They continue by saying, "Yawn.... No true discussions. Very mind numbing. Going to sell my stock, this company will be broke in 18 months."

I personally found this post quite funny because everything this person apparently hates about this website is what it’s designed for. I’m not the only one that found the post silly. There were a few other people who commented on the original post who thought the same thing I did. A couple of commenters mentioned how what they're complaining about is what the site is designed for, and others are simply saying 'farewell' and letting them know that Twitter might be more up their ally.

I completely understand trying out a platform and discovering that you don’t like it, but I don’t understand the desire to make a post complaining about a website and saying they will fail when the site is doing exactly what it’s designed for. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

If the original poster from Nextdoor is reading this, maybe try Twitter or Facebook instead of a neighborhood watch app if you’re looking for some "true discussions."

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