As the weather cools down, you can expect to see a change in your utility bills. The heater is running, and that might cause a bump in how much you’re paying. But have you ever seen it increase by $130?

A woman living in Lubbock recently posted on the Nextdoor app about her recent gas bills. Apparently, she typically pays around $50 per month, but this month’s bill was much more than she was expecting. She isn’t sure how, but she was billed $180 this month.

She made this post in hopes to find others that experience a similar price increase, or at least finding an explanation as to why it might be so high. Many people commented on the post sharing their experiences and what they think the original poster should do.

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Some people mentioned that it might have been due to a faulty read on the meter. They said that they were asked to take a photo of their meter and submit it to the utility company for review. Once they saw that the meter was misread, they made the proper correction. Others mentioned how seeing a frequent high price on your gas bill could be due to a leak that you will want to get fixed.

While most people were very helpful and offered some good advice on the situation, others were not so helpful. There were plenty of unhelpful “let’s go Brandon” comments blaming President Joe Biden for the high gas bill, along with commenters suggesting the original poster shouldn’t complain because they regularly receive gas bills over $180.

Thankfully, the helpful comments seemed to outweigh the unnecessary ones. Hopefully, the person that made the original post will be able to find a solution for her high utility bill.

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