Whether the door is left open, they jump the fence or they dig their way out, most dog owners understand the panic of realizing your dog got out. Sometimes it's easy to walk around the neighborhood and find them sniffing around your neighbor's yard. Other times they make it too far and despite looking for hours on end, you can’t find them anywhere. This is when most people take to the internet to post about their missing dog, or they started pasting posters around town.

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The next time something like this happens to you or someone you know, I highly suggest getting on Nextdoor.com. This website is designed to help people living in the same area connect with each other, and you will always find posts about missing pets. Many people will post on there when their pet goes missing, but there are also a lot of people that post whenever they find a missing dog in their area. They will often post photos of the animals, and if they aren’t able to temporarily take them in, they will at least share where they last saw the dog roaming around.

Here's a great example of someone in Lubbock finding their dog on Nexdoor:


Obviously, this site isn't foolproof, but I see several posts each week about missing dogs on there and many of them find their owners relatively fast. Other websites like Facebook can be good to post on, but I find Nextdoor extra helpful because it connects you with people all over your area, not just people you’re friends with.

If you aren’t already on Nextdoor then I highly suggest making an account. Not only could it help you if you lose a pet, but you could possibly help someone else find their missing pet as well. I know that I'm the type of person who always stops and tried to help a dog if I find them roaming on their own, especially if they don’t have tags. I would post to Nextdoor hoping that the person who lost the dog or someone they know would see it and let them know.

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