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I spend a fair bit of time scrolling through my neighborhood Facebook page as well as the website Nextdoor. I enjoy seeing what different people in the area are up to, finding new information about Lubbock that I might not already be familiar with, and occasionally seeing some drama between neighbors. It's almost like watching a reality show some days with all the catty drama that will float around these groups.

The main goal of neighborhood groups like these are to stay updated and know what’s going on in the area, but some people use it to air their dirty laundry. While you might be seeing a fair bit of drama floating around these Lubbock groups, apparently it’s nothing compared to other Texas cities.

One Nextdoor user posted earlier this month saying how terrible the Amarillo group is compared to the Lubbock one. They said it's like "a high school cafeteria with all of the snide remarks and meanness."

Another user commented on the original post and said that her daughter's group in Houston is the same way. Apparently, the neighbors there are constantly being mean to one another, spying, and sharing everyone’s faults but their own.

Obviously, there are still some terrible neighbors here in Lubbock. I've heard about a few instances that are unpleasant, but not too crazy. I don't know if I’ve just been fortunate enough to have good neighbors, but I can't imagine being in everyone's business like that all the time.

Do these people simply have too much time on their plate? Are they just filling their days with negativity and putting their energy into hatred rather than something productive?

I don't know about you, but that simply seems exhausting.

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