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Ding-dong-ditching seems like an innocent enough activity to young kids, until it’s not.

A Lubbock homeowner recently posted to to share their experience with a group of kids ding-dong-ditching their home. After catching the kids doing this and scolding them for doing so, the kids returned to the house around 30 minutes later and egged it.

I was absolutely shocked to read this and have a hard time understanding how kids could be raised to think doing something like that is okay. Obviously, the parents haven’t taught their kids any manners, or they simply don’t care enough about their own kids to make sure they stay out of trouble. Ding-dong-ditching on its own is an obnoxious activity, but to think it’s okay to then vandalize their property because you were caught doing something wrong? Shame on whoever raised these kids to act like this.

Let’s say it somehow isn’t the parent’s fault for these kid’s behavior. What kind of content are these kids consuming that makes them think this is okay? The one thing I could think of are the terrible ‘prank’ YouTubers and TikTok stars that promote poor behavior for the sake of comedy. However, even then, it is the parent’s job to make sure their kids know that no matter how entertaining that content is, it isn’t okay to do.

It makes me, and many of the people that saw the original post about the incident, concerned for the state of our youth and how they will turn out as adults. Obviously, not all kids act this way, but there are a shocking number of kids that do behave like that.

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