I know you have your heart set on football coming up but things are looking grim.

We've already seen some college football move and/or shorten seasons. This is probably the best solution all the way around.

Personally I like the excitement of a six-game season for both college and pro. It would put an end to the most meaningless games. Think about it, just for one year everything is on the line in almost every single game.  This, of course, means that not every team gets to play every other team, but I'm sure we can come up with a playoff system that will assure that everyone gets to represent properly.

If a decision of this nature is made now and the seasons pushed back it would allow time for more of at least this wave of the virus to pass. There are also new, quicker coronavirus tests on the way, some as simple as spitting in a liquid which will then change colors. It's this kind of testing that could prevent the start/stop of a team member or two testing and the whole team being sidelined.

This idea may even have a side benefit, allowing some of the more injury-prone or beat up players a break from a regular length season. We could then follow up this mini-season with a truly amazing season next year with all of the best players active and rockin' it.

Okay, so you may not like my idea, but can we all agree that no matter how long the season is, that the Chiefs will repeat as Superbowl champs.
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