The college football world was hit with some major news today with the Big 10 announcing that they would be adopting a conference only schedule and not play any teams from outside the Big 10. The Pac 12 followed suit shortly after with the ACC likely joining the two conferences in canceling the non-conference schedule.

The Big 10 and Pac 12 lose high profile matchups like Oregon and Ohio State while the ACC will try to find a way for Notre Dame to play a full slate of games and add a 9th conference match up to their current conference schedules. The Fighting Irish currently are half-way in the ACC playing 5 conference games a year, while still keeping their independent label.

With three of the five Power 5 conferences headed for a conference only schedule, the next question for Red Raider fans is will the Big 12 follow suit?

According to college football writer Randy Peterson, Big 12 commissioner gave the eloquent answer of, "No" when asked about the conference only move for the Big 12.

If the Big 12 schools still want to play outside of the conference though they'll have to start finding some schools to replace their Power 5 matchups.

For instance, Texas Tech had Arizona on the schedule for week three. That now looks like it's off the table. For giggles, Texas A&M also had a Pac 12 opponent in week 3. Could the Red Raiders and Aggies meet for an outlaw matchup at some neutral site with no fans in attendance?

Or would Kirby Hocutt try to find a team willing to travel to Lubbock to replace that home game against Arizona?

One thing is for sure. All hell has broken loose, and the dust might not settle for several weeks.

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