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Mike Perry, a UFC fighter, was captured on video punching a man at Table 82 in Lubbock, Texas Tuesday night (July 7th).

Video of the incident, which you can see at TMZ's website, shows the moments leading up to the late-night physical altercation, as well as the brief fight with an older customer.

In the clip, Perry is seen saying "I'll stay here" while walking out of Table 82 with his girlfriend.

At the entrance to the restaurant, Perry and his girlfriend argue as she attempts to calm him down. The UFC fighter talks to someone off-camera and asks if they touched him. The man says, "no, sir, I didn't," which causes Perry to scream, "Oh, you didn't touch me?"

"He touched me," Perry yells at his girlfriend, who explains "he was trying to calm you down, bro."

At this point, Perry begins arguing with an older man, who mocks the fighter after he yelled "Oh, y'all gonna call the police."

"I'll knock your old ass out, too. Yeah, let's go, you fat piece of s***," Perry says to the man, just before the two begin to fight. They fall to the ground, and the camera loses view of them. Several people off-camera can be heard yelling "no" as the two men fight.

After the brief scuffle, Perry sits down outside the restaurant and gets into a shouting match with his girlfriend. "You ain't on my side, b****," Perry yells. He also yells the following at someone else off-camera: "I ain't do nothing, you can't touch me. If you touch me, you going to die."

The man punched in the video hit the ground and was unconscious when police arrived at the scene, according to TMZ. He was later brought to a local hospital, the site said.


KFYO News has reached out to the Lubbock Police Department for clarification on why Perry wasn't arrested and for a copy of the police report. We've also asked Table 82 for comment, but have yet to receive a reply. This story will be updated should we receive additional information.

According to TMZ Sports, which said it obtained a copy of the police report, Perry allegedly told Lubbock police officers that people were "putting hands on me as I was trying to leave the building." He reportedly admitted to getting into numerous physical altercations at the restaurant. The police report also contains a statement from an eyewitness who, according to TMZ, claimed that Perry's girlfriend's female friend was hit by the fighter at some point.

TMZ also said they spoke to people who witnessed the incident. One witness told the outlet that Perry had punched a Table 82 employee in the eye after the worker had asked him to leave the restaurant. It's unclear why exactly Perry was asked to leave.

The man punched in the video hit the ground and was unconscious when police arrived at the scene, according to what witnessed told TMZ.

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