Dave Campbell's Texas Football released the cover for the 2016 edition, that will be released for publication Friday, June 24th. The cover has two very familiar faces.

Kliff Kingsbury and Patrick Mahomes.

Kliff Kingsbury and Pat Mahomes on cover of Dave Campbell's Texas Football
Dave Campbell's Texas Football

This cover just adds to the hype generating around Patrick Mahomes and his 2016 offensive campaign.

Don't be alarmed by the seemingly awkward nature of the photo. It's actually a recreation of the 1963 cover of Texas Football featuring the great Darrell Royal and his star defensive tackle Scott Appleton.

Just as a point of reference, the Longhorns went 10-0 in 1963 and won the National Championship against Roger Staubach and his no. 2 Navy squad.

Darrell Royal and Appleton on Cover of Texas Football
Texas Football

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