Last week's Texas Tech football game against Oklahoma was one of the loudest, rowdiest games in recent memory at Jones AT&T Stadium.  While the Red Raiders lost 66-59, the fans were loud throughout the whole game.

However, at one point in the second half, the fans' chants against OU quarterback Baker Mayfield turned profane. Mayfield drew a taunting penalty, and the boo birds became F-birds with their profane chant.  You can hear the profane chant in the second video in this news story.

During Monday's Texas Tech Football press conference, I asked Coach Kingsbury about his thoughts on the matter and if he had any message to Texas Tech students.

“You would like to stay above that," Kingsbury said. "I understand emotions come into play and we love the charged atmosphere, but obviously that’s not what you want to be portraying for our university, in that stadium and our program, so we have to stay above it next time.”

Texas Tech student conduct/misconduct at football games has been an ongoing issue for years. Profanity in the fight song. Profanity directed at the opposing team. And who could forget this student from the 2013 Texas Tech-TCU game?

Granted, some of the same behavior occurs at other college football games and at NFL games, but as evidenced by previous Texas Tech administration comments, the university itself doesn't want this type of fan behavior to occur at Jones AT&T Stadium.

However, based on previous history, I imagine this will be a topic reported on, and discussed again and again in the future.


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