Not only is Kevin McCullar a 4-star prospect, he's come through with a 5-star commitment video.

This is a faithful recreation of the MTV Cribs show -- right down to the sped up video when walking to the next spot and the detailed look at what was in the fridge.

Before we get into it, how nice is the McCullar house? A pool table, movie theater room and a pool? I'm gonna have to get the invite to this crib someday; it seems like a good time.

The video features some blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos from the four top schools that McCullar was considering: Houston on the Basketball Court, Virginia Tech in the Fortnight scene, Louisville in the pool and Texas Tech at the grill.

It's not a huge surprise that McCullar signed with Texas Tech, but that doesn't dim the excitement factor for the school and head coach Chris Beard.

Kevin McCullar is a bonafide 4-star who will play point guard for Texas Tech. He's listed any where from 6'4" to 6'6" depending on where you look. He has elite vision and scoring ability that will beautifully translate into Chris Bear's system.

For Texas Tech, they get a legacy student-athlete after missing out on Jalen Reagor and Trae Young last season. McCullar's dad played linebacker for Spike Dykes in the 90s. More than that, Texas Tech and Chris Beard get another 4-star recruit that puts their class somewhere in the top 15 nationally.

The numbers aren't certain because the two grad transfers Tariq Owens and Matt Mooney don't count toward the class. Kevin McCullar is an early graduate who is still in the 2019 class right now but will be on campus and is deciding whether to red-shirt or not his freshman year.

The recruit will count toward the 2018 class regardless, but if he's on campus, he might as well be available to play, right? There are conflicting reports on the matter, but the red-shirt doesn't mean much in basketball right now when it's so rare to get a 4-year player, especially one as talented as Kevin McCullar.

It's my feeling that once he's on campus, he'll be challenging for playing time and it won't make sense to red-shirt his talent. Regardless, he's a Red Raider now and will eventually suit up for Chris Beard.

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