Keenan Evans and Zach Smith will do any and everything they can to be as healthy as possible for their final run as Red Raiders. The two seniors have been battling injuries down the stretch. Zach Smith broke his foot early in the year and rolling his ankle in the Big 12 tournament, and Keenan Evans has been plagued by a foot injury.

After practice Thursday at TD Garden, where the team will take on Purdue late Friday at 8:57 p.m. (CT) on TBS, Evans and Smith sought sub-zero solace in a pair of...mop buckets?

Whatever works, I guess. The reporter in the video asks Evans why he only has one foot in the bucket, and Zach Smith chimed in: "Because he's soft." Evans tries to defend himself by saying he only has the one hurt foot, but the seed was already planted.

If the Red Raiders win tonight in Boston, maybe we can all start a new Ice Bucket Challenge where we put our feet in ice and eat a Whataburger with mustard, pickles and cheese only. I can see it going viral now.

The Red Raiders have been in Boston for several days and seem to be enjoying the ride.

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