I know you've already filled out 30 brackets so what's one more? Great.

This bracket challenge is just for fun, but won't it be fun to fill out a better bracket than Karson Robinson and then call into the Rob Breaux Show with Karson Robinson on a weekday in between 9 am and 11 am to rub it in his face.

The studio line is 806-770-5326. You can call this number anytime to join the show. We love taking phone calls. Especially if you beat Karson Robinson in the bracket challenge and want to call in to rub it in his face. You can also text the show 806-855-3712.

You can also beat Ryan Hyatt and Rob Breaux, but that won't be as fun as beating Karson Robinson, the cohost of the Rob Breaux Show.

If you want to join you can click the button below:

If you don't want to join the bracket challenge, you can still call and text the Rob Breaux Show. We enjoy it. But also join the Bracket Challenge and listen to The Raiderland with Ryan Hyatt on weekdays from 11 am - 12 pm.

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