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6 Things Texas Tech Baseball Needs To Do Host a Super Regional
Texas Tech Baseball started the season in contention for a National Seed. It's the respect that big-time programs get by being successful for large stretches of time. It might not be right, but if you start the season at three overall you're exponentially more likely to end the season at three for a pretty good season as opposed to an unranked starter has to finish the season in the top five... Re
Big 12 Betting Lines for NCAA Tournament Opening Round
The NCAA Tournament and the NFL's Super Bowl are the two most socially accepted Sports gambling events of the year. You've never bet on the NCAA Tournament you say? Ever entered an office pool? Ever joined a cousin's bracket challenge? Ever filled out a March Madness bracket period...
The Big 12 Tourney Doesn't Matter, Texas Tech Was Always a 5 Seed
Texas Tech basketball lost to Texas in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament 67-66 and that would have been really bad except the Big 12 Tournament doesn't matter. On Wednesday, March 10th, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee met and put in their first ballots for how the brackets should be selected...
NCAA Tournament to Only Allow Essential Personnel, Family
If the Red Raiders make the NCAA tournament in 2020, the pictures will look much different than the one above -- if photographers are considered "essential personnel," that is. Today, NCAA President Mark Emmert said in a statement that all Championship events, including the Men's and Women's NCAA National Tournaments, will be played with, "only essential staff and limited family att

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