With all the cancelations in sports since early March, it's hard to keep up with it all. The NFL is the only professional sports league that's on track to have a complete season but they got hit during the offseason. Major League Baseball has major problems finding any common ground between its players and owners. The NBA is finalizing a plan to start in late July in Orlando.

What's even harder to keep track of is how all of the professional league's decisions are now affecting the NCAA and the Big 12.

We got a little bit of clarity this afternoon when the NBA announced that the NBA Combine would happen in early August and that the NBA draft withdrawal date will be in 10 days after the combine or August 3rd, whichever comes first.

As far I know the NCAA calendar ends on July 31st. If that's the case and a player decides to withdraw from the NBA can he return to his program in August? I doubt Texas Tech will have a scholarship available for Jahmi'us Ramsey if he decides to return. That's an unlikely decision, but it still brings up the question around the country.

Will players be allowed an automatic waiver if their original school doesn't honor the player's scholarship after giving it to another player. Will schools be allowed to use an extra scholarship space if a player wants to return to a full roster?

The NCAA will likely make these decisions on a case by case basis, which has already been a source of frustration amongst fans and institutions alike.


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