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The use of swear words has always been deemed an inappropriate thing to do, especially in a more formal setting like work, church, or around your elders. So in a state like Texas that highly values those things, you'd think its residents wouldn't curse very often.

You'd be wrong.

Preply released data showing the cities in the United States that swear the most and least, and how many swear words they use in a day on average. While a Texas city doesn't make it into the top three of the list, with an average of 28-36 swear words said each day, it has three cities that made it into the top seven.

Ranked at number seven is Austin, Texas, with an average of 21 swear words per day. Number five goes to Fort Worth with an average of 24 swear words. Then, we have the highest ranked Texas city, Dallas, in 4th place with an average of 25 swear words each day.

All is not lost, because Texas also ranked pretty well on the list of U.S. cities that swear the least. El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio made the less profane list with a range of only 17 to 20 swear words said per day. This goes to show you that even the least profane cities aren’t that far off from their foul-mouthed cousins.

In case you're curious, the least profane city in the United States according to Preply’s data is a tie between Phoenix, Arizona and Portland, Oregon at just 4 swear words per day. And coming in at a whopping 36 swear word average is the most profane city in the U.S., Columbus, Ohio.

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