Who does this?

In fact, I want to say, "Bro, who does this bro?." Yeah, I'm fairly certain it was a bro who did this because it simply didn't match the rest of the decor.

As someone who's generally on the road at 3:30 a.m., I see some weird stuff. Usually, it's a lump of torn-off big rig tire, and I'm thinking, "don't be a dog, please don't be a dog." Two weeks ago I saw the highway patrol with a bunch of teens sitting under the embankment (guess who's in trouble for curfew?). None of that prepared me for what I saw this morning.

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I had to do a double take pulling onto 82nd Street from Quaker Ave. As I prepared to turn past the Starbucks, I looked across the street and sitting right there in the parking lot, actually in one of the drive-thru places, was a full-on leather loveseat. I'm going with loveseat because it only had cushions for two butts rather than three.

The bothersome thing about the couch/loveseat was how perfectly it was placed in the driveway, almost as if it was set there intentionally. Vegas odds are that the couch just fell out of someone's truck and they said "the hell with it" and drove on, or that they didn't notice it fell out at all.

So did a Good Samaritan pull the furniture out of the road or am I to believe that it rolled perfectly in place? Is the couch there because someone wanted to be able to nap after eating at Abuelo's? Maybe the folks at Morgan Stanley just wanted to offer prospective customers a seat while they waited?

Anyhoo, if you're missing a couch, here it is:


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