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I'm a pretty adventurous person, so I was thrilled to try something totally new to me this weekend: Texas Street Heat, a food truck that's only been operating in Lubbock for about two months. I know the buzz is about to go way off for this particular truck.

I also tried something else totally new to me: frog legs. I'll give my review of frog legs specifically a little later.

My husband and I started out safe and ordered a fried shrimp plate. Normally I steer away from fried seafood because I loathe the soggy texture of too much batter, and that happens all too often in Lubbock. I don't handle food disappointment well, so I don't try to set myself up for it. However, my husband chose for me and I was absolutely not disappointed at all.

The shrimp were huge, juicy, and not overcooked or rubbery. There was the perfect, thin, crispy bit of well seasoned batter on the shrimp. It's like I can still taste it. The Cajun-style sides were excellent as well, red beans and rice with cabbage seasoned with sausage. It was an absolutely solid and delicious plate of food that totally hit the spot.

Besides the perfect cooking technique, what made these shrimp so big and juicy? I spoke with one of the owners who told me they source all their meat from Louisiana. No wonder the shrimp were so big. Then, the other owner won my heart forever. They brought me out a couple of truly unique things to try, including a lobster tail.

I've had the insane privilege of eating fresh-from-the-ocean, hand-caught-by-my-uncle-an-hour-ago lobster before. I'm a lobster snob. I'm not easily impressed by it. Texas Street Heat's lobster impressed me. It was very lightly battered and fried just enough to be perfectly rich and juicy. It was an amazingly decadent and delicious treat.

Now for the frog legs. I was surprised by the amount of meat on the leg, but again, that's the Louisiana-sourced meat coming through. I'd say the texture and flavor is 85 percent chicken, 15 percent fish. That will likely only make sense after you've already tried it. Just trust me that it was yummy and well worth trying.

In spite of all the adventure I've already had with this truck, there's still so much for me to try, as per their really exciting menu board:

Renee Raven
Renee Raven

To try it yourself and see where they'll be next, be sure to follow them on Instagram and/or Facebook.

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